Czech Republic

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Sights and Entertainment - Památky a zábava

Theme for 2019: Sights and Entertainment - Památky a zábava

Dates: 7 - 15 September

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit interesting sights that are otherwise inaccessible! In the second week of September European Heritage Days (EHD) will be held in the Czech Republic.

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Dny evropského dědictví proběhnou v roce 2017 ve dnech 9.-17. září. Pořadatelem a hostitelem Národního zahájení bude město Chrudim. Date 3-11 September 2016 Date: 5-13 September 2015

Theme for 2014: Returning to roots Date: 6-14 September 2014 Theme for 2013: Monuments in a New Light Date: 7-15 September 2013 Theme for 2012: Young People Discover Heritage Date: 8-16 September 2012