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The Art of Sharing and the European Year of Cultural Heritage will be the theme of the 35th edition of the European Heritage Days in France

The 35th edition of the European Heritage Days will take place on September 15th and 16th 2018. The main theme of this event is “The art of sharing”, in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This edition will focus on Europe and highlight our common heritage, its diversity and consistency. Knowing and understanding our heritage in its historical and social context is a way to understand the society in which we live. It is also a way to gain insight on the values on which it is based. Discovering our national heritage, as European citizens, is an opportunity to think about what brings us together and what makes our singularities.

This year, the European Heritage Days will focus on younger generations. Schools will be welcomed in our monuments as the young are the future citizens of Europe, and will be in charge of our heritage.
The European Heritage Days give us a chance to thank all the associations and organizations engaged in cultural and artistic education: among them, the Ministry of Culture, the French Towns and Lands of Art and History, the Council of Architecture, Urban development and Environment, the Centre des monuments nationaux, but also all the private partners, and all those who help us to highlight the National Heritage, especially all the experts and the volunteers who promote education and heritage protection.
These days are also an opportunity to make people aware of the need to protect our heritage: a lotto will by organized to raise funds in order to save our monuments in danger in collaboration with the Centre des monuments nationaux and the Française des Jeux. Education, protection and the meaning of Europe will thus be the heart of this edition. As the European Heritage Days are a great example of a successful European cooperation, they support our sense of community.

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