The second edition of the Call for European Heritage Stories has now concluded with the selection of ten projects to be awarded with a grant. This year 80 inspiring stories from across Europe were submitted. There are now over 160 stories published on our website, and we are collecting a remarkable archive of Europe’s heritage treasures, built by our communities.

From archaeological excavations and exhibitions to preservation of historic buildings, participating communities presented a huge variety of ideas to help preserve and share Europe’s cultural treasures.

Launched in April 2018 as a pilot project of European Heritage Days and one of the key initiatives within the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, European Heritage Stories invites individuals and heritage groups from #EHDs communities to tell stories of their local heritage. In addition to providing pan-European visibility for participating stories, the initiative awarded ten projects with a €10,000 grant to support their further development. The initiative is now becoming a highlight of Europe’s annual heritage celebrations.

The grant recipients were selected by a European Jury consisting of members from the Council of Europe, European Commission, Europa Nostra, European Heritage Label and representatives of the European Heritage Days Coordinators. The funding is intended to support successful organisations to develop their projects and drive for positive change in their communities.

Below is an overview of the stories selected.

Nolla’s Mosaics – A Heritage to Preserve, Spain

Ceramics produced in the 1860s at the Nolla Mosaic Factory in Valencia decorate floors, walls and facades of numerous buildings across the world. The story of the revival of “mosaiquero” craftsmanship forms the basis of this project, organized by the Centre for the Investigation and Dissemination of the Nolla Ceramics, which intends to preserve this and similar traditions throughout Europe.

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European Rock Art Day: Celebrating the First European Art, Spain

The European Association Caminos De Arte Rupestre Prehistórico (Prehistoric Rock Art Trails) proposed adding a special event to Spain’s European Heritage Days activities. Complementing the common theme for this year - “Arts and Entertainment,” the sites along the Cultural Route of the Prehistoric Rock Art Trails will mark the European Rock Art Day on 9 October 2019. The project aims to develop our understanding of one of Europe’s earliest art forms through a programme that consists of exhibitions, workshops for children, print and digital publications and conferences.

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Breathing Life into Jokiniemi and the Stenkulla Rock, Finland

The Stenkulla Rock is the oldest tangible document of the social, cultural and natural development of the Jokiniemi district in Vantaa. People from different European countries left their mark in Jokiniemi from the Stone Age onwards. The archaeological park opened in 2017, providing numerous accounts of international settlers and their stories. The project proposes the publication of a book, co-authored by the archaeologist Andreas Koivisto and the artist Tom Björklund, which will help to bring the history of the place closer to children.

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"Sea People:" Past Memories for Sustainable Futures, Italy

This remarkable story from Italy offers a new perspective on the heritage of the fishing industry in Central Italy. By giving a voice to the fishermen whose lives and work were affected by the introduction of motorized boats, the project aims to draw attention to the Middle-Adriatic seamanship that ties different cultures together. The project plans to raise awareness about sustainability issues as a challenge faced by all European countries.

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Heritage Hack: Idrija, Slovenia

The Idrija 2020 Association is on a mission to revive the story of the mining town of Idrija. This UNESCO World Heritage Site inspired the creation of HeritageLab, a specialized hub for young creatives to make their heritage-inspired products and services.

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The role of Brunssum in Hiding Jewish Children During WWII, Netherlands

The team at Heemkundevereniging Brunssum have developed a project around the stories of Brunssum’s experience of World War Two. Their grant will be used to carry out a project that will reveal the stories of the site through self-guided walking and cycling tours.

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Your Tenement Memories, Ireland


14 Henrietta Street, a Dublin museum dedicated to exploring life in the city’s tenement buildings the  nineteenth and twentieth centuries, will be awarded a grant for a project titled Your Tenement Memories. The project will collect and share personal memories of life in the tenement buildings.

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The Revival of the Stone Village, Serbia

The Architect Aleksandar Radovic Foundation will develop a number of activities aimed at restoring, protecting and sharing the tangible and intangible heritage of the Stone Village -Gostusa in south-east Serbia. Exploring both natural and cultural heritage and the relationship between them in a residential training event, the project will connect different generations and inspire cross-frontier collaboration.

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Many People – Many Views, Macedonia

In order to promote diversity and the inclusion of different social groups, Many People – Many Views will work with patients at the Demir Hisar psychiatric hospital. Workshops and the development of an exhibition will offer an alternative perspective on the impact different cultures have made on the local cultural landscape through history.

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Montenegro Beauty at Your Fingertips, Montenegro

The cultural and natural treasures of Montenegro have inspired the Montenegro State Lending Library for the Visually Impaired to develop a project aimed at people with visual and other disabilities. A 3D exhibition showcasing around 20 natural and architectural heritage sites of Montenegro will be developed to allow for a more inclusive insight into the heritage that connects different parts of Europe. 

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Award ceremony in October

In October the grant recipients will be invited for a special ceremony at the annual European Heritage Days Assembly, in Strasbourg to present their project proposals to the European Heritage Days national coordinators. 

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