Bosnia and Herzegovina Build Upon the Long European Heritage Days Tradition

A country where a rough natural beauty meets hospitality and warmth, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long tradition of European Heritage Days celebrations. Its rich cultural history and diverse tradition have been a significant component of the European common themes since 1997.

As the 2018 European Heritage Days celebrations mark the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Bosnian contribution to this year’s common themes The Art of Sharing and Our Heritage: Where The Past Meets the Future will further highlight the shared European values and promote the inclusive attitude towards national and shared heritage.

Our Heritage – A Connection Between the Past and the Future

Recognising the importance of youth engagement in the process of preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, Bosnian Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports has organised a contest themed Our heritage – A connection between the past and the future. As a part of the educational programme focusing on Youth and Heritage, the contest provides an opportunity for the primary and secondary school pupils to showcase their talents in arts, writing, filmmaking and photography. More importantly, the participants will be given a voice on the topic of the cultural, historical and natural heritage of the region and the environment in which they live.

The deadline for application was June 29 and the most outstanding works will be presented during European Heritage Days celebrations in September.

Beyond this nation-wide contest, European Heritage Days in Bosnia will be marked in three towns this September. Kresevo, Kiseljak and Fojnica will be hosts to both local and international visitors that are interested to see how the Bosnian cultural history has shaped the European heritage of today and how this translates into a shared European future. Traditionally, the programme will be packed with activities that include heritage-inspired talks, exhibitions, workshops and walks.

2017 Heritage and Nature: Cultural and Natural Wealth of Posavina

Judging from its previous successful heritage-inspired events, Bosnia has been an integral part of the European efforts towards heritage development. The 2017 EHD celebrations themed Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina were organised in the county of Posavina. Cultural and natural wealth of Posavina were shown in a number of activities lasting between 25 and 27 October. Folklore performances, traditional fishing excursions, and pupils’ artwork were a focal point of last year’s celebrations.

Honouring its cultural and natural wealth, Bosnia and Herzegovina has made a great effort to promote its multicultural values and bountiful heritage within European Heritage Days. Its participation in this pan-European initiative has recently been discussed by Edin Veladzic, the country’s European Heritage Days national coordinator. In his article for, he covers the significance of European Heritage Days for both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe in general, explaining that the initiative is offering:

“a balanced right to approaching cultural heritage and the responsibility over it among both individuals and government institutions. This international agreement encourages the necessity of active involvement of each member of the society in identifying, recognising, and governing heritage.”

Banja Luka to Compete for the European Capital of Culture 2024

In order to further establish its place in the common European cultural space, the city of Banja Luka has entered a competition for the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2024. A total of 47 projects are planned to be included in the programme that promises to uphold Banja Luka as the centre of Bosnian diverse culture within European perspective.

As the 22nd EHD events in Bosnia and Herzegovina are about to be realised, it will be exciting for the participants to experience the centuries-long heritage coming to life and get more actively involved in building its future. 

Photo credits: Wikipedia
Featured photo: Pixabay