European Heritage Days is a collaborative effort to showcase and preserve the shared cultural heritage of Europe. The program opens doors to approximately 70,000 events, encompassing diverse cultural experiences across 48 countries. These events, held from August to November each year, attract millions of visitors who gain free access to numerous monuments and sites, fostering a sense of shared heritage and encouraging active involvement in its safeguarding for present and future generations.

To facilitate the dissemination of information about these events and enhance public engagement, the European Heritage Days website has played a pivotal role. The website, currently hosted at, serves as a central hub for accessing details about the events. With approximately 200,000 events hosted on the platform, the website has become an invaluable resource for cultural communities across Europe. Additionally, the site offers archived content, available to users upon request, allowing for the preservation of the rich history and experiences shared during the European Heritage Days.

Scope of Work: The selected contractor will be responsible for the maintenance, development, and hosting of the European Heritage Days website. Key aspects of the project include:

  1. Maintenance: Regular updates, bug fixes, and technical support to ensure the smooth functioning of the website.

  2. Development: Enhancements and improvements to the website's features, user interface, and overall user experience.

  3. Hosting: Reliable and secure hosting services to accommodate the current traffic and potential future growth of the website.

Submission of Tenders: Interested parties are invited to submit their tenders by 3 December 2023. The tender documents, including detailed specifications and submission guidelines, can be obtained on the following links

Act of Engagement

Contractual conditions

General conditions

Tender rules

Questions and Answers

Selection Criteria: Tenders will be evaluated based on a variety of criteria, including experience in website maintenance and development, hosting capabilities, and cost considerations.

The Council of Europe looks forward to receiving competitive and innovative proposals that will contribute to the continued success of the European Heritage Days initiative.

Let us join hands in preserving and celebrating the diverse cultural heritage that unites us all.