The European Heritage Days 2023 were a resounding success, with events spanning across the continent to celebrate our shared cultural legacy. This year's theme, "Living Heritage," aimed to bridge the gap between past and present, offering a unique glimpse into the crafts, traditions, and skills that continue to shape our communities. Through a series of captivating video reportages, we take you on a journey to some of the most enchanting events of the year.

Inspiring Future Craftsmen in Strasbourg, France

Featuring Noelia and Matilde, young enthusiasts

Noelia and Matilde, both thirteen, epitomized the spirit of curiosity and passion for heritage. In France, the Journées européennes du patrimoine provided them with a unique opportunity to explore the age-old crafts of stone masonry, carpentry, and painting. Skilled roofers and masterful stonemasons guide them through hands-on experiences, igniting a passion for time-honored crafts. 

Watch the video from the European Heritage Days in Strasbourg. 

Chalcography at Saint-Denis, France

Presented by Ella, European Heritage Youth Ambassador

Ella, a vibrant Youth Ambassador, guided us through the mesmerizing world of chalcography at Saint-Denis, France. Here, we delved into the exquisite engravings that trace the glorious moments in the history of France. Initiated by Louis XIV, this art form played a pivotal role in promoting the French royal regime, making it a treasure trove of national heritage. The sheer magnitude of the collection, with over 6000 pieces, left us in awe, showcasing artistry at its finest.

Ella's passionate narration offered a deeper understanding of the historical context surrounding chalcography, emphasizing its role in shaping the cultural narrative of France.

Watch the video from the European Heritage Days in Saint-Denis. 

A Speed Tour for Young Archeologists in Münster, Germany

Guided by Anselm and Joline

Anselm and Joline's dynamic tour through Münster's archaeological wonders was nothing short of exhilarating. As youth ambassadors, they made history come alive for a new generation, emphasizing the significance of preserving ancient structures. The guild house turned Dutch delegation headquarters showcased the seamless blend of history and diplomacy, a testament to the enduring power of heritage.

Insightful commentary from Anselm and Joline shed light on the historical context of the guild house and its pivotal role in the Peace of Westphalia negotiations, providing a deeper appreciation for its cultural significance. 

Watch the video from the European Heritage Days in Münster. 

European heritage Days in Rome 2023

Living Heritage at Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy

Hosted by Zoë, European Heritage Youth Ambassador

In the heart of Rome, Zoë took us on a captivating journey through Villa Borghese. Her dedication to bridging Italian and Ukrainian communities through heritage was truly inspiring. The tours and audio guides in Ukrainian exemplified the universal language of art, transcending borders and fostering cultural exchange.

Zoë's emphasis on fostering cross-cultural connections highlighted the enduring relevance of heritage in building bridges between communities, underscoring the universal appeal of art and history.

Watch the video from the European Heritage Days in Rome.

Craft Days at Skansen, Sweden

Presented by Ece, European Heritage Youth Ambassador

Ece's exploration of craft days at Skansen, Sweden, transported us back in time to witness the meticulous craftsmanship of upholstery and paper marbling. The dedication to preserving traditional techniques was evident, offering a window into a bygone era when every shoe was handmade with precision and care. The workshop served as a testament to the enduring legacy of artisanal skills.

Vivid descriptions by Ece illuminated the intricate processes involved in upholstery and paper marbling, offering a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship of yesteryears.

The European Heritage Days 2023 celebrated Living Heritage in all its splendor, showcasing the beauty and richness of our shared cultural tapestry. Through these insightful video reportages, we were granted a glimpse into the dedication, creativity, and passion that continue to shape our communities. As we look forward, let us remember to cherish and preserve these invaluable traditions, ensuring that they live on for generations to come.

Watch the video from the European Heritage Days in Skansen.