A small continent of Europe is home to several hundred million people and cradle of their cultural identity. Learning is a tool to value European heritage, outlining the diversity found throughout the territory. This year, the European Heritage Days will celebrate a shared theme 'Heritage and Education: Learning for life!', and Slovenia is part of this!

"Learn? Guard! Keep It." ("Spoznaj? Varuj! Ohrani.") is a national message from Slovenia that aims to reach out to thousands of European communities. From September 26th to October 10th, the European Heritage Days in Slovenia will host thematic events to demonstrate the richness of the Slovenian cultural heritage and its place in Europe's history. The European Heritage Days in Slovenia will open its doors to exceptional cultural sites and inspiring events focusing on eleven domains of cultural heritage: archaeological, architectural, ethnological, horticultural and landscape, memorial, technical, urban, artistic and visual, archival and library collections, intangible and natural heritage. Moreover, the European Heritage Days in Slovenia will encourage a unique, personal engagement with the important local stories and people.

Highlights from Last Year

Roman wall; Ljubljana - Public institute of the republic of Slovenia for the Protection of Cultural Heritage

Some highlights from last year's programme were not limited to the special exhibition of artefacts and paintings on traditional beekeeping that has been inscribed to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2018; an entertaining and exciting exploration of old pastoral games for children in Bled; a screening and discussion of a famous film director and screenwriter France Štiglic; and a concert and a masterclass of the pianist Nejc Lavrenčič, dedicated to Clare Schumann's 200th anniversary. Marking 100 years of its independence, the Prekmurje region hosted several events and the Central Library in Celje invited visitors for contributing to the digital collection of Slovenian cultural heritage on the Kamra Regional Portal.

In 2020, marking the common theme, the festival promises an even more inspiring and in-depth take on the cultural heritage. The full programme will be announced on the website of the Public Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, as well as on the country's page on our portal.

The Power of Storytelling

Recalling the experience in 2018, when European Heritage Stories project on the Ljubljanica river Exhibition Centre became a notable success, this year, the European Heritage Days in Slovenia will uncover heritage with stories. Using a didactic approach to reach every community and empower every individual, the European Heritage Days in Slovenia aims to pass on heartful heritage stories to all participants despite their age or other background differences. With a strong belief that further implementation of heritage education at kindergartens and schools is the way to secure the heritage for the prosperity of future generations truly, the European Heritage Days in Slovenia will represent heritage education as an opportunity for a lifelong learning experience. Through such experience, we can explore the past and build a foundation for a shared European future.

In 1991, Slovenia joined the celebration of shared European heritage - the European Heritage Days. Since then, celebrations are supported by the dedicated involvement of volunteers, national coordinators and various heritage communities and institutions. The festival is organized by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia.