Sarah Holloway - Heritage Open Days, England

"Heritage Open Days is part of a wider European festival and last week we had the chance to catch up with our sister coordinators from the other UK programmes. It was great to see how we connect and discuss ways we can support each other more, particularly for those communities who live on the borders, and the organisations that cross them. Our thanks go to European Heritage Days for enabling the meeting to happen. 

Across the country local organisers are once again rising to the challenge of our annual theme. This time it’s ‘Astounding Inventions’ and they’ve been brewing up some especially inventive events for us all to enjoy. The press release has just gone out with a few early highlights – from the history of gas to the invention of the very English tradition of change-bell ringing. Watch this space for more… the event directory will be live next month!

Amanda Milligan – European Heritage Open Days, Northern Ireland

"There is nothing like meeting up with old and new EHD friends which is what we did when we met together In London earlier this month. Aside from getting to walk to Buckingham Place, St James Parke and Hyde Park. Our English colleagues had organised a fantastic trip around Prince Philip Maritime Centre where we saw first hand  the benefit of EHD’s- and what they can achieve when organised with passion and knowledge. Our discussions were very enlightening giving me much needed insight and ideas. Plus it made me realise I am not alone, there is always someone else facing similar challenges and reaping great rewards waiting to reach out and help and support each other.

European Heritage Open Days Northern Ireland will once again be a hybrid event with online events during the week 5-11 September and many open door events over the weekend of 10-11 September.  Online Registration has closed and the EHOD team are working hard editing and preparing all the entries for our new EHOD APP. We plan to launch EHOD at an event with a talk on Sustainable Heritage at a suitable venue in the first week of August.  We are very much looking forward to another successful year."

Laura Paton – Doors Open Days, Scotland

'As the new National Coordinator for Scotland, I am delighted to be part of this friendly network of likeminded people and look forward to all the incredible things we can achieve together for European Heritage Days. This year, we hope to see even more buildings opening their doors across the country, welcoming visitors to celebrate the stories that have shaped the Scotland we know today.' 

More information on this year's events will be shared later in the summer, so check back soon, and on each country's website, for more information!