Discover San Marino Through Arts and Entertainment at European Heritage Days 2019

Would you like to learn about the legend of the Mount Titano on which stands the City of San Marino? Or to trace the history and the traditions of one of the oldest republics in the world through the works of art created by local artists? These and many more exploratory activities will be available at European Heritage Days festival in the Republic of San Marino this fall.

The events will take place throughout the weekend between 21st and 22nd September. Marking the common theme for 2019 - “Arts and Entertainment” the Republic of San Marino will join the majority of European countries that are showcasing the rich mosaic of artistic expression at the largest European cultural event. The theme allows for numerous creative activities that celebrate and rediscover abundant historical and contemporary art expressions that have shaped the Republic of San Marino and Europe at large.

Art and History Come Together

From the monumental medieval stone buildings, palaces, museums and fortresses, to the scenic natural landscape, the entire Republic of San Marino resembles a canvas where some of the most creative art ideas came to life. Local and international visitors will be able to enjoy in an active weekend with events designed to suit different generations and affinities.

With an aim to raise awareness of the cultural and natural heritage of the Republic among its citizens and visitors alike, organisers are preparing special events and guided tours.

Adventure enthusiasts will enjoy hiking or cycling a 43 km network of trails and learn more about the republic through its nature.

A large number of San Marino’s cultural sites will offer free admissions to heritage explorers throughout the festival weekend. One of the most significant events, the exhibition “Chiediamo asilo e un po’ di pane – Garibaldi a San Marino” (We ask for asylum and some bread – Garibaldi at San Marino) honors the 170th Anniversary of Garibaldi’s escape. Marking the anniversary of the 1849 event, the exhibition will provide visitors with a unique insight into the historical event through a variety of memorabilia and documents which will be on display.

Another important event dedicated to art scene of San Marino is the presentation of MEDITERRANEA19 – San Marino 2020, a Biennial of young artists of Europe and the Mediterranean, which will be held in San Marino.

The committed work of the Republic’s institutions and dedicated groups towards the promotion of contemporary art has led to the opening of the San Marino National Gallery. On July 7th, 2018, ten years after it was included in 2008 in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites, San Marino opened a new modern and contemporary art museum in the Logge di Volontari, a monumental 1930s’ building. The Gallery hosts a vast collection of work of some of the most important contemporary artists of San Marino and Italy.

Arts and entertainment have the power to bridge the gaps between different epochs, nations and generations. This September, thousands of visitors at European Heritage Days festival in San Marino will be able to learn more about the unique artistic forms and ideas that originated in San Marino and contribute to the diverse cultural mosaic of Europe.