The strength of European Heritage Days has always been its ability to bring people together to appreciate the rich heritage and culture on their doorstep.  During 2021 and beyond, we want to ensure that this can include as many different people as possible.

In preparation for this pan-continental theme, the #EuropeanHeritageDays teams at Doors Open Days (Scotland) and Heritage Open Days (England) have put together a special Inclusive Events Toolkit for developing, delivering and evaluating inclusive #EHDs events.

The Toolkit, which was funded through the European Heritage Days ‘We Are Culture’ cross-frontier initiative, draws on the experience and input of EHD National Coordinators across the continent, as well as of a range of partners and participants.

It contains case studies and practical tips on how to engage with new audiences and dismantle barriers to participation by ensuring event spaces are welcoming and accessible.

Whilst the Toolkit has a mainly UK-focused outlook, we hope it will provide inspiration to other countries in the organisation of their inclusive EHD events.

The We Are Culture Toolkit can be downloaded here.