European Heritage Days in Ukraine 2019 celebrates Arts and Entertainment

In Ukraine, the whole month of September is reserved for European Heritage Days. This year Ukraine is among the countries that adopted the common theme "Arts and Entertainment: Heritage takes Centre Stage". Lviv has taken its own interpretation of the theme and will explore “Arts and Entertainment of Lviv Citizens Before the Internet Age”.

Lviv before the World Wide Web

In September visitors will be able to find out how Lviv used to spend its spare time and learn about what leisure activities were in fashion in different eras. Events will explore the hidden histories of the life and work of Ukraine's leading writers and revisit the city that inspired them to write their most famous works. 

The tour “Entertainment During the War: Between Ideology and Culture” will enlighten visitors about the changes that the war brought to the cultural life of the city and how it shaped the lives of Lviv's citizens. 

During the European Heritage Days, there will be a chance to learn about the struggles confronted by Lviv's hippies and get acquainted with the literature and music they were interested in, in an exploration of an alternative way of life.

What is common to the circus, hunting, racing, the Olympic Games, theatrical performances, the game of chess and the monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Lviv? The "Equestrian entertainment: sports, art and recreation" tour will reveal this little-known chapter in the history of the city.

At the same time, EHDs participants will be able to hear the sounds of ancient instruments, play popular games, visit the theatres and much more – become a part of a theatrical performance!

Kyiv, Uman and Poltava focus on theatrical walking tours

The city of Poltava dedicates its EHD events to Ivan Kotliarevsky, a famous Ukrainian writer. This year in September Ukraine celebrates the 250th anniversary of Kotliarevsky's birth and the 200th anniversary of the creation of his masterpiece play "Natalka Poltavka".

An interactive quest game "Portrait of the Unknown by All Known" will explore the literary and historical works left by Ivan Kotliarevsky.  This event will be a one-off chace to to communicate with the poet's life through his architecture, drawings, sculpture, monuments and manuscripts.

For the first time it will be possible to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of  20th century Poltava by living a day in the life of another Ukrainian writer – Panas Myrny, most famous for his novel Propashcha syla (The Ruined Strength). 

Uman traditionally invites guests to take party in a theatrical night tour through one of the oldest and most beautiful streets of Uman - Sadova street. The fragments of the 19th-20th centuries come to life. The tour combines an original lecture, theatrical performance, a photo and video projection and audience participation. The event coordinators plan to surprise their guests with a new performance: city theatres will go outside and passers-by will become part of it.

Meantime in Kyiv, the descriptions of the city from Ivan Nechuy-Levitsky 's stories (Ukrainian writer of 19th century) will get off from books to the real world, and all our favourite characters will resuscitate life on the streets of one of the most picturesque parts of Kyiv - Podil.

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