A Journey Through Time and Culture

Finland’s history is deeply intertwined with its routes and networks, paths carved through the landscape that have facilitated the movement of people, goods, ideas, and technologies. These routes connect not just places, but also stories, traditions, and communities, weaving a complex narrative of Finland's past and present.

The King's Road

The historic King's Road, once a vital artery linking Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia, offers a journey through time, connecting ancient churches, old inns, and picturesque towns. It's a path that has witnessed the passage of traders, royals, and pilgrims, each leaving their mark on the landscape and its heritage.

The Ironworks and Mill Route

The Ironworks and Mill Route showcases Finland's industrial evolution, highlighting the transition from agrarian roots to industrial prominence. This route, dotted with historic ironworks and mills, tells a story of technological innovation and social transformation.


The canals are at their best in the summer being an excellent destination for a cruise and a fun day out. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency maintains 31 canals with locks. The canals are located in the Vuoksi, Kymijoki and Kokemäenjoki river basins. Most of the lack canals have been automated for self-service use.

Pilgrimage Routes

Finland's pilgrimage routes, leading to sacred sites like the medieval St. Olaf's Church in Turku, offer insights into the spiritual journey of medieval pilgrims. These paths not only highlight Finland's religious heritage but also the natural beauty of its landscape.

Historical and Modern Pathways to Nature

european heritage days
Repovesi National Park, photo credits: Hanna Hämäläinen

The National Parks Trail

Finland's commitment to preserving its natural beauty is exemplified by its network of national parks. Trails within these parks serve as both literal and figurative routes to understanding Finland's environmental heritage. They offer an immersive experience into diverse ecosystems, from dense forests to tranquil lakes and rugged coastlines, each telling a story of natural history and conservation efforts.

The Archipelago Sea Route

The Archipelago Sea, with its thousands of islands, represents one of the most intricate maritime routes in the world. The preservation of this unique archipelago through sustainable tourism practices and conservation efforts highlights the importance of protecting marine biodiversity and cultural landscapes that have been shaped by centuries of interaction between humans and the sea.

Prehistoric Rock Art Trails

Embark on a journey back in time with Finland's Prehistoric Rock Art Trails, where the ancient artistry of Europe's first inhabitants comes alive. These millennia-old artworks, etched onto quiet lakeside rocks, offer a profound connection to the lives and spirits of our ancestors. Paddling through these tranquil waters, one cannot help but feel a deep link to history, marvelling at these early expressions of human creativity and communication with nature.

The Green Gold Culture Road

Traverse the enchanting landscapes of the Green Gold Culture Road, where the forest's legacy as Finland's 'green gold' is celebrated. This route guides visitors through breathtaking scenery, leading to the shimmering expanse of Lake Saimaa. Along the way, you'll discover the forest's many treasures, a testament to its central role in Finnish culture and history. This journey is not just a tour of natural beauty but an immersive experience into the heart of Finland's forest-bound heritage.

Bridging the Past with the Present

In addition to these historical pathways, Finland's modern routes, networks, and connections offer a glimpse into the country's contemporary pulse:

Alvar Aalto Route

Explore the legacy of Alvar Aalto, a luminary in modern architecture and design, through the Alvar Aalto Route. Spanning over 200 existing buildings across Finland and beyond, this route offers a journey through 20th-century architecture and design, infused with Aalto's innovative spirit. Each site is a story, each building a landmark of Aalto's profound influence on modern aesthetics, inviting visitors to experience the harmony between nature, architecture, and human creativity. The Light Rail and Metro Extensions

Urban development in cities like Helsinki has seen the expansion of light rail and metro systems, connecting suburbs with city centres more efficiently. These modern transit routes are not just about mobility but also about knitting communities closer together, fostering accessibility, and promoting sustainable urban growth.

The Coastal Route – Archipelago Trail

The modern iteration of coastal navigation can be seen in the Archipelago Trail, a popular route for cyclists and motorists. This route offers a unique way to experience Finland's stunning archipelago, highlighting the balance between nature conservation and tourism.

The Digital Infrastructure Network

Finland's commitment to technology and innovation is evident in its world-class digital infrastructure. This network, though intangible, is a critical modern route facilitating the flow of information, services, and connectivity, placing Finland at the forefront of the digital age.

Educational Insights and Preservation

The #EnchantingRoutes campaign is a call to explore, learn, and share. It offers an educational journey into Finland's cultural and natural heritage, inviting participants to delve into the stories of the past and understand the significance of these routes and sites in shaping Finnish society.

A Global Invitation

We extend our invitation beyond Finland's borders, urging everyone to engage with the #EnchantingRoutes campaign. Share your experiences, delve into the stories of others, and participate in a global cultural exchange that celebrates heritage and history. This campaign is about more than just exploring Finland’s enchanting landscapes; it’s about creating a shared space for learning, discovery, and appreciation of our collective heritage.

Join us in celebrating the diversity and depth of not only Finland's but the world's cultural and natural legacy. Use #EnchantingRoutes and #EuropeanHeritageDays to share your stories and contribute to a global appreciation of the paths that connect us all. Let's embark on this journey together, fostering a deeper understanding and a shared celebration of our rich, interconnected heritage.