After celebrating European Heritage Days on 17th September 2016, Romania continues to spread the spirit of the festival and promote the key ideas behind this year’s common theme. Following the series of events organised with the theme “The Role of Local Communities in Heritage Conservation,” Romania will further its efforts to promote its heritage through a national conference that will take place on 28th October.

Organized in partnership with the Teachers House Bucharest, the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO and Information Centre Europe Direct Bucharest, the conference will gather educators from all over the country with the goal of addressing their concerns related to raising awareness of the national heritage among teachers and students in public educational institutions.

In line with the 2016 European Heritage Days common theme dedicated to "Heritage and Communities," this national conference invites teachers to evoke their relationships with their local cultural heritage and educate their students on its historic values. This way, the conference aims to empower educational institutions across the country to promote awareness of Romanina heritage sites, objects and monuments among children and adolescents.

The initiative will be carried out through a number of extracurricular activities such as workshops, specialists’ visits and school competitions, as well as by promoting relevant topics through dedicated guides and online media. With a focus on promoting community awareness by addressing the ideas of ​​risk assets, heritage conservation and preservation, as well UNESCO World Heritage List, these activities are intended to encourage both teachers and students to explore, appreciate and promote their local heritage. In addition to this, the conference will look to inspire an open debate on a range of issues and interests of the community teachers, including:

  • Strengthening national and transnational cultural identities
  • Raising awareness of individuals as citizens of an area / community
  • Promoting openness to understanding the heritage values ​​of the community / region
  • Promoting an expressive dimension of cultural education students


In addition to National Commission of Romania for UNESCO, Teachers House Bucharest and Europe Direct Information Centre Bucharest, the organisation of the event is also supported by the Platform Comparative Cultural Icons - Art Gallery and Research Centre of comfort in Romania, EFdeN. The organizing committee consists of the following members:

Prof. Roxana Zanea,
Gabriela Prof.metodist Suba
Cristina Butescu, Programme Specialist, Education Subcommittee,
Daniel BUTUCEL,,