Participating in the European Heritage Days gives individuals, families and children possibility to explore their cultural identity, uncover hidden heritage treasures and become part of the living heritage. Education is an essential part of the European Heritage Days programme and this year, celebrating the role of education in heritage and vice versa will impose recognizing the importance of the past as a fundamental background for the cultural context of shared European contemporary living and future development. 

In the Czech Republic, European Heritage Days celebrations have been held since 1991 in the first half of September. Since 1998, celebrations have been managed by the Association of Historic Settlements of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, which always organizes national launches in cooperation with one of the member cities. The European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic are supported by two ministries: the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Regional Development. In 2020, a multi-perspective, educational view on cultural heritage artefacts in the Czech Republic will contribute to accumulating shared knowledge of the citizens and further extending its European sense.

Photo: Národní zahájení Dnů evropského dědictví 2019

During the period of 12 - 20 September, under the national topic "Monuments and Education", the European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic will open doors to historical architectural monuments, as well as archaeological, natural and industrial sites. The visitors will have the opportunity to enter buildings which are not usually open to public and discover their hidden interiors. The European Heritage Days will place a similar emphasis on making exceptional movable cultural heritage accessible. Aiming at the diverse program, exhibitions, lectures, competitions, concerts, city festivities, and other cultural programs will be organized, drawing the focus on the shared theme Heritage and Education. For this year's edition of European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic, the city of Olomouc will be the host city.

Celebration of heritage in the Wallenstein Castle

On 12th of September, at Wallenstein Castle, located in the Bohemian Paradise, near Turnov, which has been an inspiration for many writers, poets and musicians, the literary-musical program will take place as part of the European Heritage Days celebrations. The event is organized in cooperation with the Antonín Marek Turnov Municipal Library, which celebrates its 200th anniversary. An exciting program will include the presentation of various literary texts and poetry by selected authors. There will be a musical representation and quotes from texts by Jan Solovjev, regional author Jaromír Horáček, as well as a historian and Turnov native Josef Pekař, 150 years after his birth. Two castle guests will perform the musical accompaniment. The first is organist and composer Radek Rejšek, and the second is musician Petr Kostka from the Elementary Art School Turnov. The show will take place in the interior of the baroque chapel of St. Jan Nepomucký, which is the prominent landmark of the Wallenstein site.

Bearer of the Tradition of Folk Crafts Awards

Since 2001, in the frames of the European Heritage Days and with the support of Ministry of Culture, the "Bearer of the Tradition of Folk Crafts" title is awarded to honour skills, knowledge of processes and technologies involved in traditional folk crafts. Usually, a maximum of five titles are awarded in one calendar year to citizens of the Czech Republic who engage in one of the traditional folk crafts. The award aims to appreciate the efforts to preserve, present them to the public and to pass traditions on to future generations. The bearers are presented with a diploma and a monetary award.

Sub-topic "City and Light"

On 2nd of October, as an extension of some of the program highlights around the topic heritage and education, there is planned a seminar "Urban Engineering Karlovy Vary 2020" that will focus on the sub-topic City and Light. A conference "Revitalization of historic settlement centres" designed by association Jihlava that will further discuss issues of mobility, parking, revitalization and modern architecture, will take place on 15-16 October.

The EHD in the Czech Republic will inspire re-imagining past heritage through the lens of its educational legacy that is vital for our future. Joining #EuropeanHeritageDays - this significant educational, cultural and social event, you will become part of the European living heritage.

Find the full programme on the website of the Association of Historic Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. And to find inspiration for your events check out our 101 Event ideas brochure