Representing over 1,640 of historical properties all over the United Kingdom, the Historic Houses Association (HHA) is one of the country’s largest organizations whose aim is to conserve privately and charitably owned landmarks. In September 2016, the Association will open doors to a number of historic houses, castles and gardens during Heritage Open Days to celebrate this largest cultural event in the country.

Like in previous years, members of the Association will welcome visitors with a number of special openings free of charge, even for properties that normally charge for admission or are closed to the public. Many of the HHA members include privately held homes, most notable of which are Spencer House and Two Temple Place in London, England, Brunstane House and Newliston near Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as some more intimate houses such as Treowen in Wales and Belle Isle in Northern Ireland.

In 2015, HHA supported Heritage Open Days by opening over 40 properties during the events across the United Kingdom. This year, the member houses will be opened during the designated dates for each of the four countries:

  • Heritage Open Days in England, UK: 8-11 September, 2016
  • Doors Open Days Scotland, UK: every weekend in September
  • Open Doors Day in Wales, UK: every weekend in September
  • European Heritage Days in Northern Ireland, UK: 12-13 September, 2016

Established in 1973 with a goal of helping UK’s owners of historical houses, castles and gardens preserve their properties, the Historic Houses Association plays an important role in the conservation of cultural and historic landmarks of the United Kingdom. Every year, the member houses are visited by 24 million visitors on average and many houses are open only on special occasions such as Heritage Open Days events. In 2016, HHA will yet again provide an opportunity for heritage explorers to delve into the United Kingdom’s past by visiting some of the architectural gems the organization represents.

The exact opening times of the HHA member houses will be announced here.