Abbeygate Cinema: Talk & Tour by Pat Church

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4 Hatter Street, IP33 1LZ Suffolk, United Kingdom
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10 - 19 September 2021

History display boards and lots of photos and memorabilia will be on display at the unique boutique Abbeygate Cinema which nestles in the historic sector of Bury St Edmunds during Heritage Open Days 2021 plus tours and a talk by Pat Church.

Detailing the cinema’s unique history and the part it has played in the market town of Bury St Edmunds, visitors will be able to find out about the history of cinema in Bury St Edmunds and more specifically the history of Abbeygate Cinema which has been a picturehouse since the 1920s. You will be able to view some fabulous architecture lovingly restored and a selection of specific time slots will be available during the event when visitors will be able to meet local cinema legend, Pat Church, who will host some sessions and answer questions. Having worked at the cinema for more than 55 years, Pat knows the fabric of the building like no other and has many a story to tell. The tours will include the chance to see the projection room and the ongoing development work of the planned Screen 4, still to come.


Links available from 10 September - check back to connect

Event Times

Friday 10 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800 / Talk & Tour 1130, 1230 & 14.30.
Saturday 11 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800 / Talk & Tour 1130, 1230 & 14.30.
Sunday 12 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800 / Talk & Tour 1130.
Monday 13 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800
Tuesday 14 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800
Wednesday 15 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800
Thursday 16 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800
Friday 17 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800
Saturday 18 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800 / Talk & Tour 1130, 1230 & 14.30.
Sunday 19 September: Drop-in History Boards 1100-1800

Booking Details

Pre-booking: Required
Drop-in to history boards and memorabilia is free to explore but a Talk & Tour session must be pre-booked.
Booking Contact: Abbeygate Cinema
Call: 01284 754477
Go to:
Write to: Abbeygate Cinema


There is wheelchair and pushchair access to the ground floor part of the tour and talk session. There is also accessible toilets on-site with lift access to the upper floor. However, there is limited access to the projection part of the tour and to the development site. Guests unable to access the part of the tour with steep stairs can leave the tour session after the ground floor tour and talk by Pat Church.

COVID-19 Considerations

This event will run in line with local & national government guidelines at the time of the festival. We have additional hand-washing facilities on site and our staff continue to wear masks. We also have screens at various serving points within the building. We continue to carry out extra cleaning of public areas throughout the day and groups will be kept to a maximum of 12.

Additional Information

Max 12 people per tour/session. 45 minutes. 

4 Hatter Street, IP33 1LZ Suffolk, United Kingdom

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