Kilclief Castle

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Shore Road, BT30 7AR County Down, United Kingdom
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11 September 2021
Amanda Milligan Historic Environment Division
EHOD Coordinator

To celebrate Love Heritage, you are invited to come to the castle by the sea, explore our hidden history together, and rediscover your mythological heritage!  A team of actors and musicians will revivify Irish legends and bring Celtic mythology to life with a dynamic mix of poetry, drama and traditional Irish music!

One sunny Saturday, an out of work musician enters Kilclief Castle and plays his flute to pass the time, but his music inadvertently awakens a ghost from the past, an ancient ancestor from the mists of ancient Irish history.  The dark ancestor makes a pact with the musician.  For every tune played, he will summon a ghost from the beyond, a character from Tir Na Nog to tell their story.  The musician must find the right music to summon Grainne, Fuamnach, the Morrigan and the playful Pooka.  Can he find the right tunes to open the portal and summon the spirits, or will he suffer the wrath of the dark ancestor?  Find out at Kilclief Castle, exclusively for the EHOD and Love Heritage celebrations!  

Kilclief castle is situated at the shores of Strangford Lough and stands like a sentinel in the rolling hills of County Down.  Built in the 15th Century by the Bishop of Down John Sely, Kilclief Castle is the perfect location for a journey into history and heritage and a return to the magic and mystery of Celtic mythology!  To facilitate a safe and socially distanced show, audience members are required to reserve spaces for the performances. The theatrical team can only allow a limited number of people into the castle.  Limited parking is available in the car park by the beach.      

Shore Road, BT30 7AR County Down, United Kingdom

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