Subterranean caves and wine. An underground wine tourism experience in Ribera del Duero!

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01 September 2024
01 Sep 2024
Agustina González Alonso Moradillo de Roa Town Hall
Cultural manager
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Underground wine cellar tour "El Cotarro" in Moradillo de Roa (Ribera del Duero) Spain

Moradillo de Roa received the 2020 European heritage award thanks to the recovery of the "El Cotarro" neighbourhood, one of the top areas for wineries in all of Spain. Here it’s not just the wine that is noteworthy, but also the houses, whose domed roofs perched atop a hill give it the appearance of a Hobbit village taken straight out of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

"El Cotarro" is a group of more than 157 underground caves and 7 winepresses in the small town of Moradillo de Roa in the province of Burgos, Castile-León (Spain). The wineries, many of which have subterranean cellars, are all carved in stone and are located on the hill of the Church of San Pedro. The first records of these wineries date back to 1550. 

  • Travel 300 years into the past, entering the bowels of the earth, just as our ancestors did. Try the wines of the region that have molded and sustained our villages for centuries. 
  • Learn the traditional methods of winemaking. Follow the route of the grape, from its stepped and pressed in the traditional winepress of the "Tío Santos" (1744), until the juice is guard into wooden barrels in "El Bodegón" (1861) cave.
  • Taste the wine "El Cotarro" produced traditionally in "El Tercio" (1736) winepress. An unique wine made with "albillo mayor" grapes. It will surprise you!
  • Experience a wine tour, discover an underground treasure and try to drink wine from a traditional Spanish "porrón".

You can also enjoy a swing music concert in Moradillo de Roa on Sunday 09/01/2024. This concert is part of “El Cotarro Swing Festival”. A concert that unites swing music with our historic neighborhood of wineries, culture, traditions and gastronomy.

Special guided tour "The European Heritage Days" - Sunday, September 1, 2024

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We look forward to your visit,

Agustina González Alonso



Main square, 1 , 09462 , Spain

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