Fairy tale’s Ambassadors

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Khnko Aper National Children's Library

Khnko Aper National Children's Library in Yerevan, Armenia, is home to the "Fairy tale’s Ambassadors" project. Since its inception, the library has been committed to promoting cultural exchange and understanding through literature and storytelling. The "Fairy tale’s Ambassadors" project exemplifies this mission in action. By inviting ambassadors from various countries to present fairy tales in their native language, the library allows children to experience the rich cultural heritage of different nations. The ambassadors not only share their stories, but also a piece of their culture and history, helping to foster a sense of understanding and respect among different communities.

Khnko Aper National Children's Library after is a vibrant and active hub of cultural exchange, and the "Fairy tale’s Ambassadors" project is just one of many initiatives it undertakes to promote heritage preservation and cultural understanding. Through its programs and events, the library is helping to shape a new generation of global citizens, who are curious about the world and eager to learn more about the diverse cultures that make it so rich and interesting.

If you ever visit Yerevan, make sure to stop by Khnko Aper National Children's Library to see for yourself the amazing work they are doing to promote cultural exchange and heritage preservation. You'll be inspired by the passion and commitment of the staff, and the energy and enthusiasm of children who participate in the library’s programs.

Fairy tale’s Ambassadors

Once upon a time, in a bustling city in Armenia, there was a magnificent library called the Khnko Aper National Children's Library. It was a place of learning, adventure, and imagination, where children could get lost in a book and discover the wonders of the world. The librarians at the library had a mission to share the beauty and power of literature with as many children as possible. They dreamed of creating a program that would bring cultures together and promote understanding and respect among different nations.

As a result, the "Fairy tale’s Ambassadors" project was born. The project was simple, yet profound. The library invited ambassadors from different countries to come and tell a fairy tale in their native language. Children who visited the library would be able to hear stories from far-off lands, learn about different cultures, and experience the rich heritage of Europe. In their turn, the ambassadors, would get to share their stories and culture with children.

The first ambassador to participate in the project was a woman from France. She arrived at the library with a smile on her face and a fairy tale in her heart. As she began to tell her story, the children were captivated by her words. They listened as she told them about enchanted forests and valiant knights, fairies and magical spells. The children were fascinated by the story and the culture it represented.

One by one, ambassadors from other countries arrived to participate in the project, bringing with them stories from their homelands; stories rich in culture and heritage. There were stories from Italy, Spain, Germany, and many other countries. Each ambassador was warmly welcomed by children, who were eager to hear the stories and learn about the different cultures.

As the "Fairy tale’s Ambassadors" project progressed, children who took part in it developed a lifelong love of heritage and a sense of community. They learned to appreciate Europe’s diversity and celebrate the cultural heritage that brought all Europeans together. They also learned to respect and understand the various cultures of the world, as well as to see the world as a place of infinite possibilities and wonder.

Years passed, and the "Fairy tale’s Ambassadors" project continued to thrive. The library hosted more ambassadors, who shared more stories, and the children who visited the library grew up to become global citizens, who valued cultural exchange and heritage preservation. The program accomplished its mission, and the librarians at the Khnko Aper National Children's Library were proud of the impact they had made in the lives of the children who participated. And so, the story of the "Fairy tale’s Ambassadors" project will continue to be told and retold, inspiring future generations to celebrate their cultural heritage and continue to promote understanding and exchange between different nations. The library and the project that it started will always be a shining example of what can be achieved when people come together to promote cultural exchange and heritage preservation.

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European heritage refers to the shared cultural, historic, and natural heritage of the countries in Europe. It encompasses a diverse range of cultural and historical artifacts, sites, and landscapes that define the collective identity of Europeans and the history of Europe as a whole. European heritage includes everything from architectural monuments and historic sites, such as castles, palaces, and cathedrals, to artistic treasures, such as paintings, sculptures, and literature. It also includes cultural traditions, such as music, dance, and cuisine, as well as natural landscapes, such as mountains, forests, and rivers. European heritage is an important part of the identity of Europe and its people, and it has helped to shape the continent over the centuries. It represents the values, beliefs, and aspirations of Europeans, and is a source of inspiration and pride for generations to come. The preservation of European heritage is important to ensure that future generations can continue to experience and appreciate the cultural and historical richness of the continent.