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European Heritage Days in Croatia - Dani europske baštine u Hrvatskoj

Theme for 2022: Sustainable Heritage


European Heritage Days   in Croatia are traditionally taking place in September and October. This year’s topic (Sustainability of Cultural Heritage) aims at initiating changes that would strengthen the rich cultural heritage of the European countries and preserve it as a pledge for future generations. Affected by climate changes, our planet has become even more vulnerable. Therefore, this year’s topic emphasises the need to adjust all aspects of our future life in the sustainable manner, including cultural heritage.

The organisers are trying to bring closer to the audience all available methods of protection of the rich tangible, intangible and natural cultural heritage in the context of climate changes and environmental degradation. The emphasis has been put on the active role of the community and heritage in building up a more sustainable future by promoting the sustainable tourism, use of traditional techniques and materials of restoration, digitalisation of heritage, pointing out good practices from the past so that we could enjoy the heritage today as well as managing the natural heritage in the strategic manner.

We hope that this year’s topic Sustainability of Cultural Heritage would get both the organisers and the visitors thinking about different aspects of sustainability that will be presented through lectures, guided tours, presentations, exhibitions, workshops and virtual material.

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