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Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España - National Coordinator for Spain

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Spain possesses a rich culture and a wide variety of traditions. Natural wealth and biodiversity are also part of our common heritage.

To share this legacy, we hold the European Heritage Days (Jornadas Europeas del Patrimonio) every year. The figures for 2023 -100,000 visitors and 1,400 events- testify the warm welcome of this Project.

The success of those events make us think of the future and the 2024 theme is "Routes, Networks, and Connections" (Rutas culturales, redes y puntos de encuentro), unveiling the beauty of our interconnected heritage.


The European Heritage Days are celebrated in Spain during September, October and November.

They are organised around a European theme, which sheds light on an original or innovative aspect of heritage.

Thousands of activities take place within this framework: open days for cultural sites that are not usually accesible to the public, village and neihbourhood celebrations and trips, theatrical performances and concerts, special guided tours, shows, conferences, games, organised walks, exhibitions, skill demonstrations, workshops…

These events are are held by all sorts of institutions, such as town councils, museums, libraries, schools and all kinds of cultural agents (private or public).

The purpose of these Days is to encourage public authorities and people to value local heritage in relation to other shared heritage in Europe, fostering intercultural dialogue. They create a platform for multiple narratives and heritage-led initiatives to be brought to public attention, and facilitate a pan-European network of stakeholders and initiatives. The EHDs open doors to mutual understanding, cooperation, joint actions with an integrated approach to managing cultural heritage at all levels in the various countries.


The Young European #HeritageMakers is a storytelling competition designed in Finland to inspire children and young people to explore their immediate surroundings and cultural heritage.

In 2018, the project was extended to the whole of Europe and today is an innovative and sustainable opportunity to engage the youngest both online and in their immediate surroundings.

They are invited to participate by sharing a photo or a video in which they tell their own interpretation of the heritage sites and objects around them. It is a creative opportunity for the youngest among us to actively explore and promote local cultural and historical landmarks.

This competition aims to give a real and meaningful voice to children and young people by encouraging and identifying the future Heritage Makers of Europe.


European Heritage Days Stories is an activity to identify the European dimension of heritage sites and heritage work undertaken by individuals or groups of people in Europe. By recognising their role within the framework of the European Heritage Days, it aims to give them a voice to tell their story where multiple narratives could and should co-exist. It is hoped that the past or existing stories that people would like to share can potentially develop into a project to further contribute to their communities.

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The coordination of the European Heritage Days in Spain is the responsability of the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute (Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España). To participate in this project you can request information at the following e-mail address: