Railway heritage of Europe and Russia

Makers Story
Konovalova Elena
(Sertolovskaya Art School)

Group 525.
Cultural heritage is an important part of the life of every nation. It can be defined as a set of material and spiritual values created by nature and man during previous historical epochs. For us, the heritage is the heritage of the past, with which we live today and which we will pass on to future generations, and in addition we are trying to preserve and multiply it.
We became interested in the topic "Railway heritage of Europe and Russia".
Russian railways provide transport services in 77 of the 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. This is unique to our local heritage. It turns out that the entire territory is inextricably connected and maintains communication with each other.
For the Leningrad region, for the place in which we live, the children's railway is unique. It is located in St. Petersburg. Everything on the tracks of this railway is real, only the length and number of cars are much smaller, and all its employees are children who want to become drivers, conductors, etc. in the future. That is, it is a professional orientation center for children who want to connect their future profession with the railway.
European heritage-preserved working and tourist railways are the regulatory environment for the development of the international market.
We can present heritage stories, for example, when composing games and quizzes, like the one that we created.
We, Group 525, have come up with an intellectual game for everyone interested in this topic, which is an entertaining format of communication. It can quickly rally new companies in places of recreation, treatment, etc. This is a useful time to spend with adults and peers. The process of the degree of participation of players can increase from 1 person to infinity. Cards can be distributed to each participant of the game, or each card can be shown to the entire audience, or placed on the Internet as an online test.
This game is beautiful because everyone can play it. It will be quite interesting, regardless of the age of the player. In the process, you can learn a lot of new and interesting things. Images for someone can serve as a hint, and for someone a colorful description. It can also expand your horizons, and some people can repeat the knowledge they once received.
We have set ourselves the task of introducing the history of the railway. After studying the literature on this topic, we realized that it is a living organism with its own face. It is unique in every country.
In the conditions of a long journey by rail, the following help to overcome it successfully: a variety of land relief, vegetation, architecture, the state of the atmosphere, fellow travelers.
We are plunging into the past. Against this background, there is a perception of space in the historical aspect. Space and time are observed in the present, in the past, and in the future.
The playing field is formed anew in each round, the number of which is stipulated by the participants at the beginning of the game. The host of the game distributes 6 cards to the participants. The participant who gives the correct answer receives 1 red chip, which is equivalent to 2 points. An incomplete answer gives the player 1 point. At the end of each round, points are calculated and the rating of participants is determined.
We applaud the winner!

Answers to the game
1. A – 1837
2. B – Samara
3. A – Lipetsk
4. A – Russia
5. B – 300 km/h
6. B – 2
7. C – 3
8. A – Wuppertal
9. B – Semmering (Austria)
10. C – England
11. B – France
12. C – Manchester and Liverpool
13. C – United Kingdom
14. C – In Serbia
15. B - In Norway
16. A – the most beautiful in Europe
17. A – In Lepzig
18. A – Eastern Express
19. C – the wealth and beauty of the views outside the window
20. C – In Amsterdam
21. C – In Spain
22. C – combing the old station building and the new one through the construction of a huge glass dome
23. C – Of Germany
24. C – In Scotland
25. A – England
26. B – Italy
27. A – Switzerland
28. A – Germany
29. A – Germany
30. B – France
31. C – Italy
32. C – France and Italy
33. A - Malaya Oktyabrskaya Railway
34. A - driving is prohibited
35. C – 2009
36. C – large, cargo and passenger

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