Dober tek po Cerkljansko (Bon appetit from Cerklje na Gorenjskem)

Makers Story
Vida Snedec Gerkman
(Osnovna Šola Davorina Jenka)

Due to the Covid epidemic, in the winter of 2020, students and teachers of the Davorin Jenko Elementary School in Cerklje na Gorenjskem, like all schoolchildren in Slovenia, had home schooling. Many children were upset because they could not socialize with grandparents and friends. Therefore, we decided to enrich our history lessons with research and activities that would shorten our time and connect families. We looked for recipes for preparing dishes that are traditional and very popular in our environment. The students prepared the dish according to their favorite family recipe, photographed the process and wrote the recipe. Almost 200 students participated. The Christmas and New Year holidays really smelled like dishes prepared by children’s hands! We selected around 80 recipes and published them in the electronic collection "Dober tek po cerkljansko". This is the first book of traditional recipes from the Cerklje na Gorenjskem area.

Since our collection of recipes is in pdf format, we cannot download it, so we are sending a link.