Railway heritage of Solec Kujawski/ 4 dimensions

Makers Story
Agnieszka Dybowska
(Solec Kujawski Development Association)

How to use mathematics, Minecraft Education, legends and monument charter in local heritage exploration? Solec Kujawski Development Association along with local partners and students from the  Primary School nr 4 realized project to integrate four dimensions into one action in the framework of the Young European Heritage Makers competition.


Discovering and exploring railway heritage of Solec Kujawski town in four dimensions: digital, mathematical, literary and conservation of monument – that was the purpose of the project developed by young people and local partners in November 2023. We applied and received financial support from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region to realize the actions. The outcome of the process carried out on 18th November 2023 proved to be a great success both for mentors and young participants!

Solec Kujawski Development Association created local partnership in order to explore and promote local heritage in European Dimension. Association invited the Museum of Solec Kujawski, Primary School nr 4., 2 teachers of history and mathematics,  Qmam- Centre Supporting Education to realize project dedicated local railway heritage. Target group discovering heritage and applying innovative methodology was the students from Primary School nr 4 from class VIII. Content related and logistic support was offered by two teachers from the Primary School nr 4: Mrs. Marzenna Kuczkowska and Mrs. Jolanta Szubska-Rydel. We implemented the project in the following way:

- Introduction and conversation about history of railway in Solec Kujawski in the Museum of Solec Kujawski, Mr. Rafał Kubiak, Director of the Museum (30 minutes)

- Local railway heritage sightseeing including photo documenting (old railway station, water tower, restaurant in old train car) (2 hours)

- Presentation and discussion with lineman working in railway station Mr. Mirosław Woźniak ( 30 minutes)

The most important part of the project was exploration and interpretation of local heritage by the youngsters ( 1 hour) . They independently made decision to divide into 4 groups:

- Group I wrote a local legend, where water tower in Solec Kujawski was a place that happened the story;

- Group II applied mathematics to define and measure block of water tower;

- Group III used Minecraft Education to create water tower in digital form;

- Group IV prepared professional charter of monument as part of conservatory activity ( including drawings of water tower and its description).

The final stage was presentation of results of  4 groups. We collected impressions, remarks and conclusion for future activities. All partners and participating students agreed that this project was a great adventure as it was creative, out of routine and highly innovative. Information and photo documentation of the project was disseminated in websites and social media of collaborating partners: the Association, the Museum, Qmam and Primary School nr4 in Solec Kujawski.