Mirror of heritage

Makers Story
Agnieszka Dybowska
(Solec Kujawski Development Association)
Market as an European urbanization concept and part of European heritage and market in the town of Solec Kujawski? What are relations between those two aspects? How has our local market been changing through the ages? What kind of events did happen there? What buildings and monuments can we see now? What new functions should be given in the future? These questions were starting point for the project titled “Mirror of the heritage” realized by group of the youngsters and co-operating organizations on 4th of November 2023. Solec Kujawski Development Association invited the Museum of Solec Kujawski, Qmam – Center Supporting Education and volunteers to implement project dedicated to local heritage in European perspective. On 4th of November 2023 group of 8 youngsters between 6-11 years old creatively explored and discovered cultural heritage of market in Solec Kujawski. We applied and received financial support from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region to realize the actions We implemented the project in the following way: - Introduction and conversation about history and transformation of market in the Museum of Solec Kujawski by Mr. Rafał Kubiak, Director of the Museum (20 minutes) - Sightseeing of market and surrounding streets including photo documenting (1 hour). Children were given maps of old town of Solec Kujawski and could check how market changed over the ages. - Workshop led by volunteer Mrs. Justyna Kubiak titled “Postcard from the past” ( 30 minutes). Children could experience writing postcards in old style using nib and ink. Postcard presented market in XIX century and first half of XX century. - Creative workshop of making 3D models of Solec Kujawski. Group I using old maps and available information made model of historical version of market and surrounding streets and monuments. Group II made model of contemporary Solec Kujawski. The final stage of the workshop was comparison of results - children could tell and share their impressions and remarks on how they perceived changes of market and the town. All participating organization along with target groups agreed that the project was not only living lesson of history, but also great occasion to better understand our local community heritage.