Our heritage, Kirkkonummi, past to the future

Makers Story
Carita Rouvinen, Camilla Johanson
(The Environmental Group of Winellska skolan, Kirkkonummi, Finland)

In our time, taking care of our world and saving what's important for all life is extremely important. Our society is built upon traditions; everything is memorized, and we feel comfort in things staying the same. That's why, for many people, it's challenging to change our ways of living, even without knowing the harm it's having on our planet. That is why we want to bring with us our cultures and traditions that are so important for us as a society while still going forward and evolving into a better place. Some traditions are written in ink, some in buildings, and some in celebrations. We want to keep these important traditions but change our ways to be more eco-friendly.

In our municipality, Kirkkonummi, we see many things from past generations as part of our heritage, such as our church, shown in our picture. The church was built in the 15th century, has been a staple for our community, and brought many people together. We also have new places, like our library, which is also an important part of our community. We don't need to forget about our inherited traditions; we need to focus on our future as well. Our nature is one of the most important heritages, and we have beautiful lakes, forests, and fields that surround us that we must take better care of. Climate change is giving us extreme weather like we've never seen before, and it will affect our heritage and our future.

We must remember that we can change, and nothing is impossible. We can make a big difference by using renewable energy sources in our town, like solar energy. We must work together as a community, remembering our heritage and why saving it is significant!

Text by Silja Salminen, Sara Savijoki och Elvira Svanfeldt and photos taken by members of the Environmental group Winellska skolan, Kirkkonummi Finland.

We will also send our poster by post.

Flags from Pixabay and the global goals from the swedish site. The rest of the photos are taken by the pupils in the Enviromental group.