How things have changed in our villages - a local history film workshop for children

Story Natural
Merethe Offerdal Tveit

Through short films from villages in Kvinnherad we will show how Norway has changed immensly the last 50-60 years. Children growing up today have a lot in common with other kids growing up in Europe. But how was it when their grandparents grew up, and what is it that has changed in our culture towards a more commmon european culture? The children will explore these topics and learn how to tell them through the film media.

Through a  workshop with kids in 7th grade in all the schools in teh mucicipality of Kvinnherad, we want to make children aware of the history of the environment they surround themselves with. The workshop will teach children how to tell stories through film media, and to dig in the history of their home place. It can be through searching in history books, finding information online, talking to history experts in the area, or interviewing old people who can give first hand information.
The workshop will be held by filmmaker Merethe Offerdal Tveit in schools in her home municipality, Kvinnherad. It is a collaboration between the cultural department of the municipality and Merethe. Merethe has been working a lot with films telling about our local history, and she wants to engage kids in these topics. She has had film workshops for children and youth in western Norway for many years, but this will be a new and innovative production. 

European Dimension

We want the children to reflect around how our villages have changed the last 50-60 years and what are the reasons for this. We want to encourage them to see how Norway has been influenced by other european countries, cultures and traditions. 
It can be everything from the clothes we wear, the words we use in our language, the food we eat and the games that children growing up today play.