I Remember

Story Cross-frontier collaboration
Kathryn McCance

Visitors to The Little Museum are from all over the world, but a large majority are from Ireland and the rest of Europe. Our visitors come to Dublin with many stories and important pieces of intangible heritage and memories. We are beginning an incredible project, filming Irish & European participants who recount stories of their time in Dublin, beginning each tale with “I remember”.

"A stronger sense of community connection can be cultivated in Dublin through the vehicle of shared stories. Every visitor to The Little Museum will have the opportunity to recall their memories of Dublin and - at their consent - be recorded on camera. The high quality 1-2 minute segments will be shared on social media and our website, therefore we will be able to engage with an international audience too and make a connection between local, personal stories of Dublin in the past and with people who want to engage with heritage today.

Storytelling is at the heart of The Little Museum of Dublin, just as sharing stories is an integral part of Irish and European heritage. The stories we record in our ""I Remember"" project are vital oral history, and by inviting our local community and European visitors to participate we are directly showing how they can get involved with heritage management and how enjoyable heritage can be for our local community. The video segments will be shared in our museum, on social media and on the web so that thousands of people can engage in a collective memory. The longterm benefit is that our visitors and local community will continue to make connections with Dublin's heritage through their direct participation in the project. The ""I Remember"" project demonstrates how stimulating and personally compelling our heritage can be and thereby guarantees longterm interest."

European Dimension

Over 50% of our visitors are from Ireland and Europe. We invite our Irish and European visitors to share their memories.