Portugal to Share Memories at the 2018 European Heritage Days

The last weekend of September will bring a series of heritage-inspired events to the citizens of Portugal. Marking the European Heritage Days common theme Shared Memories, Portuguese heritage will be at the forefront of a great number of discussions, exhibitions, tours, concerts and workshops throughout the country.

The Shared Memories theme will be instrumental in creating a relatable and progressive understanding of individual and shared histories. Memory recollections keep the past alive, transforming it into the lenses through which we are able to observe and give meaning to the present. Furthermore, by sharing memories, the history becomes perennial in our perception and transferred to future generations.

As shared memories get a more international, intergenerational, and inter-communal character, they provide a platform for creating a more unifying and inclusive, shared space. Supporting the idea of rebuilding the collective memory, various institutions and organisations in Portugal will join this year’s European Heritage Days with thematic events.

Photo: Belem Tower, Source: Pixabay

The Municipality of Arganil has organised an exhibition that is celebrating European Year of Cultural Heritage and is a part of the municipal program for European Heritage Days for 2018.

Titled Classified Heritage of Arganil, the exhibition is open from 25 July to 31 August at the Temporary Exhibition Hall, Guilherme Filipe - City Hall Building. The visitors are able to see twelve classified properties portrayed on the exhibition panels that represent the county of Arganil and serve as a reminder of the importance of historical heritage. Moreover, this representation speaks about the urgency for heritage protection, on both local and regional levels.

Photo: Museu da Graciosa, Source: Wikipedia

In addition to this, Museu da Graciosa in Santa Cruz da Graciosa will host the photography exhibition dedicated to Conventual Franciscan Memories in the Azores of the 21st Century. Open from 4 July to 16 October, the exhibition is a part of the European Heritage Days 2018 celebratory programme. As a true representative of the historical interaction of European cultures, the museum serves as a noteworthy example of the power of sharing heritage through memories.

With the exciting activities like these, the organisers of this year’s European Heritage Days in Portugal will successfully pick up where the last year left off, when the total of 1,500 activities organised in 160 counties. Celebrating the theme of Heritage and Nature in the most magnificent manner, the 2017 events explored the strong relationship between people and places and their history, helping create a more thoughtful approach towards the preservation of built and natural heritage.

The events are organised by the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of Portugal and all public or private cultural organisations are invited to join with their projects. More information about the events can be found on the official website and Facebook page dedicated to European Heritage Days in Portugal.