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European Year of Cultural Heritage: The Art of Sharing

Theme for 2019: To be announced

2018 Theme: POLeIS (city/cities) Dates: 28-30 September For more information click here. Greece has participated in the celebration of EHD since 1994. The Directorate of Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programs of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports is responsible for the planning and implementation of the events as well as the coordination among the organizations involved. Purpose of the events • Reviving of the monuments • Familiarizing the locals with the monuments in their area • Incorporating the monuments in the area’s social life • Creating links between the local community and the Archaeological Service • Promoting the Archaeological Service efforts • Mobilization and cooperation amongst organizations and people for the staging of the events The Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports collaborates with local authorities, organizations, local associations, private museums, “museums friends” associations and cultural centers in the staging of events all over the country. For more information click here. Past themes 2017: Cities/Pol(e)is 2013-2014: Faces of Time 2011-2012: Crisis: continuities and discontinuities in History 2009-2010: Wizards, spells and talismans: Magic in ancient and christian world. 2007-2008: Home like stories 2005-2006: Let' s eat. Culture on the table 2003-2004: Sports venues, cultural sites 2001-2002: From barter to internet 1999-2000: Life water 1997-1998: Harbors through the ages 1994: pilot celebration