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European Heritage Makers Week 2019 - Rules for participation

European Heritage Makers Week 2019 - Modalités de participation

European Heritage Days: Heritage and Migration - case study paper by The Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

Bringing ‘Heritage and Nature’ to life: How to use the interpretive approach: Draft case study paper by Interpret Europe

Open doors and open minds: report by François Matarasso

"Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities - 101 Event Ideas", EN

"Patrimoine et nature: un paysage de possibilités - 101 Idées d’initiatives", FR

Handbook on the European heritage days - a practical guide - by Michel Kneubühler

Report on the Future of the European Heritage Days by Susan Williamson

The European Heritage Days Award : 1994-2000

The European Heritage Days. The secret of their success and challenges for the future

Defining the European Dimension of Cultural Heritage by Jelena Mocevic

"European Year of Cultural Heritage; The Art of Sharing - 101 Event Ideas", EN

"Année Européenne du Patrimoine Culturel; L'art du partage - 101 Ideés d'initiatives", FR

Call for European Heritage Stories 2019 - terms and Conditions

Appel à récits sur le patrimoine européen 2019 - Conditions générales

A-Z Arts and Entertainment

European Heritage Makers Week - Normas de participación

European Heritage Makers Week - Osallistumisohjeet lapsille ja nuorille

European Heritage Makers Week - RU Guidelines

European Heritage Makers Week - Pravila ucešca

European Heritage Makers Week - Regler för deltagande

Arts and Entertainment - 101 Event Ideas, EN

European Heritage Makers Week 2019 - მონაწილეობის წესები

European Heritage Makers Week 2019 - Zasady uczestnictwa

Arts et divertissement - 101 idées d’initiatives, FR

European Heritage Makers Week 2019 - Voorwaarden voor deelname