How can I find events?

You can search for events in different ways:

1. Select ‘EHD Events,’ the first tab on the page header. You can then filter the listed events to search for topics or locations you are interested in.

2. Select events by country by clicking on the ‘Explore by country’ tab in the menu above the map on the homepage. You can then find more information about the EHDs in your country of choice, and see which events are listed there.

3. Search directly through the map on the home page. Use the navigation arrows to get around and the zoom in and out functions (bottom left of the map). You can also change the appearance of the map from “bird’s eye” to “road” or “automatic.”

I would like to organise an event. How do I register?

Event organisers must register with the National Coordinator in their country. You can find information on this on the ‘Explore your country’ tab on the homepage.

Do I have to pay anything?

A founding principle of European Heritage Days is to provide free access to cultural monuments and sites for all visitors. Event hosts may charge for additional services on the day of the event, such as catering or for the sale of merchandise, and this is a decision made by the event host themselves.

How do I provide feedback or get in touch with further questions?

Click on the ‘Contact Us’ link in the top right hand corner of this page. You can provide feedback by contacting us at jep-ehd@coe.int.

Who supervises the events?

Responsibility for each event is with the individual event organiser, and insurance arrangements differ between participating countries and event hosts. You can read more about this on each national co-ordinator’s website (found on the country’s page), and should contact them if you would like more information about events in your country.

Are there risks related to visiting the EHDs Portal?

All information is processed through our secured web servers, so no infected or other unwanted content can be directed to the user. All stories or comments submitted by third parties are supervised and require our moderators’ approval before publication, so any inappropriate content cannot be displayed. For the information regarding your personal information, please check our Privacy Policy.