As one of Europe’s largest annual cultural events, European Heritage Days are a unique opportunity to celebrate the shared cultural heritage of many different places, towns, regions, countries and people across Europe, creating shared narratives and spaces for expression beyond institutions and national borders.

Watch the Ambassador’s video message, which offers a rich visual journey across some of Ireland’s best-known heritage sites



In Ireland, the European Heritage Days are celebrated through National Heritage Week, which runs from Saturday 13 August until Sunday 21 August. Co-ordinated by the Heritage Council, National Heritage Week is a vibrant celebration of Ireland’s heritage through events and projects. It aims to build awareness and education of heritage, thereby encouraging its conservation and preservation.

Ireland’s National Heritage Week is the first of many European Heritage Days held across Europe each year, and focuses on engaging with heritage in all its forms, whether as individuals, families, communities or associations.

Ireland Dublin Castle European Heritage Days
Dublin Castle, Ireland

In 2022, European Heritage Days activities are being organised under the theme of Sustainable Heritage. Through the theme we are encouraged to engage with natural heritage and biodiversity, and to think about how we can conserve our rich heritage - whether built, cultural or natural - in order to develop a more sustainable future.

Ireland holds the
Presidency of the Council of Europe from May to November 2022, during which its three key priorities are:

Our Founding Freedoms
Reinforcing Human Rights and the Protection of Civilians in Europe’

Hear Our Voices
Promoting participatory democracy and youth engagement

Fostering a Europe of welcome, inclusion, and diversity