Macedonian tradition

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North Macedonia
Tanja Petkov
(OOU„Sv.Kliment Ohridski“ Skopje, North Macedonia / 7 years old)
Ege Darin
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Our tradition is our greatest asset. That's why we need to keep and nurture it. We have been learning about tradition and the past since our ancestors, passing it down from generation to generation. We Macedonians strive to teach future generations, to nurture the tradition so that it continues to live... Participation in this project encouraged us through a series of activities to introduce students to the past, culture, tradition, music... In the introductory part, students and parents were introduced to the purpose of the project, activities and tasks. Children and parents accepted the challenge with delight and joy. Near our school there is the House of Culture "Dracevo" in which the dance group of the Cultural - Art Society "Kitka" is a member, which has been in existence since 1968. At our request, we visited the part where they keep the clothes for the performances - the national costume. The students got to know the parts of the clothes, the patterns, the colors, the embroideries, the shoes... The next activity for the students was to make a print with brush and tempera colors on small sheets. We stuck all the creations on a red hammer, cutting them in the form of fringes and made the Macedonian embroidery. Then we made dolls out of a wooden spoon, broom and straw using various fabrics, pieces of cloth, wool, to depict Macedonian girls and boys in the past. Our school was founded in 1924. and in it there was a "Museum of old things" that still exist in our school today. Throughout the school, the students looked at old things such as: pots, cups, pots, pans, embroidery, wooden spoons, etc., explaining the purpose of each object. In cooperation with the parents, we also organized a traditional table with traditional dishes prepared by them and the teachers. On the table were various makalas, pies, baniki, the traditional pan of beans, sarma, pumpkin, the famous ajvar, chestnuts, sutliash, baklava, etc... Some of the students came in traditional costumes, which every traditional family owns. In the end, it always ends with song and dance in Macedonia, so we also ended this project with Macedonian music by our famous pianist Simon Trpchevski, performed in 2022, as part of the "Makedonissimo" project. With the help of wooden spoons, the students performed the music at the same time, with the help of the puppets we showed our dance, decorating the stage with the made embroideries. Participating in this project made us richer, the children happy, and the parents proud that their children are continuing the tradition. We are glad to have taken part in this project, regardless of whether we will be rewarded or not. We are proud that the rest of the European nations will hear about the Macedonian people, about our centuries-old tradition, about a school that will mark one hundred years of its existence in two years, and about a successful class.