Become a Barilott, custodian of Albaredo's Bitto Valley.

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Ecomuseo della Valle del Bitto di Albaredo
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Become a Barilocc custodian and citizen within the Bitto Valley Ecomuseum through a physical path in stages and yet another in virtual and augmented reality. 


Become a "Barilocc, guardian of the Bitto Valley"

In the month of May will be released for the first time in Italy as part of the network of national Ecomuseums, the widespread museum of the Bitto Valley in Metaverso; virtual reality and augmented reality in close connection will offer the visitor a unique experience of its kind with a strong emotional and cognitive impact. An experience heartily desired by the municipality in order to be able to involve all people even those with disabilities to the knowledge of the territory and its history. The approach to the innovative challenge was to create an Alpine metaverse, making a virtual world created horizontally, involving the local population as co-authors of the metaverse itself.

The goal was to create experiential tourism by creating digital places where different experiences can take place. Such experiences range from flying over alpine valleys to returning to the 1500s. Thus, the user has superhuman abilities at his or her disposal, such as flying, going back in time, and seeing folkloric creatures related to the legends of the area such as La Vegia Gosa, the Celtic shepherd Eriu, and the characters that animate the legends of the place.

In addition to the virtual exploration, in Albaredo per San Marco it will be possible to participate in a mixed reality game that, through questions about local history and culture, guides visitors to find different stages, walking through the municipality itself to find the next questions. Such a game allows the Barilocc citizenship, a symbolic recognition that signals the tourist's acquired knowledge of local culture. The citizenship of Barilocc in addition to the acquisition of the peculiar characteristics of the territory would provide during the European Heritage Days the achievement of "guardian of the Bitto Valley" by choosing among the various service proposals to be offered to the territory: "Guide for a day" (in collaboration with the Park guides) "A day as a cheesemaker" (in collaboration with the local dairy and the cheesemakers of the mountain pastures" " Tale-teller" (half a day dedicated to the children of the territory telling the tales of ERIU and other legends of Albaredo) "Budding beekeepers" (dedicated to children in collaboration with local beekeepers) and various other initiatives related to the Eco-museum. Upon completion of the service, the certificate of "Keeper of the Bitto Valley" will be issued, entitling the holder to free admission to the Ecomuseum for one year and a two-day experience at altitude at the Alpe Piazza Refuge located in the Orobie Valtellinesi Park with the designated environmental guide. The certificate of "guardian of the Bitto Valley" is renewable year after year, at the unique cost of providing a useful service to the territory; in this way the visitor becomes the protagonist of the place, acquiring its characteristics, history and traditions; acquiring an engaging, ethical and responsible attitude since he feels part of the project and the territory; He will live no longer as a tourist the place of destination but as a responsible and experienced visitor and will be able to spread his experience involving other users and related interest groups. The initiative will be proposed during the European Heritage Days and will be disseminated in advance to educational institutions, non-profit associations, the AGESCI European scout community, the Parks Area of the Lombardy Region, in the portal and through national media and social throughout the Territory.



European Dimension

The Story was created within the augmented reality and virtual reality diffuse museum project involving the municipality of Albaredo per san Marco, the Orobie Valtellinesi Park, San Marco Pass and the Bitto Valley Ecomuseum.
History, is told through local memory, foregrounding the agency of citizens in the representation of their municipality.
The Végia Gòsa, a creature of local folklore that instructed man to respectfully shape Nature, is the symbol of our approach:
Local people play an active role in the project, protecting their territory and creating a new technological reality that can adhere to the anthropological peculiarities of the place. This means researching the history, material and intangible culture of their community, thinking of new ways to represent them virtually. The visitor will become a "janitor" only by learning about the history, the territory, and by going through various trials on both digital and physical stages through a well-delineated map that will see him or her as an active, ethical and conscious protagonist.
Albaredo's relationship with the world (during History):
Being involved in the creative process of the metaverse gives one the opportunity to be able to take back one's own historical dimension. If the anthropology of the first decades of the twentieth century denied this possibility to "traditional" populations, relegating them to an ahistorical dimension, this is still the case in some cases of contemporary tourism. This is because some contemporary tourism practices want to construct an ideal of archaic populations (E. M. Bruner, 2001), which Mayor Del Nero himself denounces as a recurring practice in the Alpine context. Instead, the people of Valtellina, in the metaverse we have constructed, can recount their own past intertwined with the city of Livorno, or how they played a decisive role in the trade of the Republic of Venice through the historic Via Priula. The importance of St. Mark's Pass as an international crossroads and tourist crossing by northern European countries prompts us to look for a system to make visitors stop and put them in the active and participatory condition of experiencing the place not only as a tourist destination but also as a territory to be guarded and protected through concrete emotional and experiential actions that will make them participate, active, and protective. The experience was created to be enjoyed by everyone, children, the elderly and the disabled without barriers and restrictions of any kind!