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In today's world, many young people start communicating with foreigners through social platforms, as a result of which they exchange the cultures of their country. One of the members of our group also has many foreign friends. When we were choosing what heritage to present, the first thing that came to our minds was the idea of ​​what we would like to hear from others. So we started from there. Let me elaborate: one of our group members told us that when she met foreigners through social media, she told them she was Armenian and everyone was surprised that such a country exists. Despite that, all Armenians think that they are recognized all over the world, however it was very disturbing. In fact, our generation is not so informed and this was a great opportunity to present our country to our friends and console ourselves with the fact that we have done something to make the country known. We tried to take a heritage that is hard to find much information about on the internet, which would also be a UNESCO heritage, so that it would be interesting to people and would also represent our history. After searching in various encyclopedias, we stopped at the Geghard Monastery and khachkars.
All four of us have very different tastes, but we were able to work together, we found interesting information that even we didn't know. When it came to the video we wanted it to present all the beauty of Geghard. Since it was winter, it was difficult to get what we imagined both technically and physically: it was hard to create animation, but the aim was great, so we think we got it. This heritage is very important to us. It has been handed down to us from generation to generation, gone through many trials, it has a crucial role in preserving our culture, and to this day the monastery is still standing. As in the video we metioned, we also must keep it strong and pass it on to the next generations.

 This was a great opportunity for us, we discovered a new talent in ourselves, learned to work hard, became more knowledgeable and we are happy that we can somehow contribute to the development of our country.