Celebrating Heritage and Tradition: Greece Joins European Heritage Days 2023

Greece is poised to celebrate the European Heritage Days from September 22nd to 24th, 2023. The country's theme, "Heritage and Tradition: Evidence of Yesterday in Today," beautifully encapsulates its rich cultural tapestry. This year's theme aligns with the European focus on "Living Heritage," emphasizing the preservation of practices, skills, and traditions that have survived through generations.

European Heritage Days Greece 2023

In Greece, the celebration promises a deep dive into the country’s cultural soul. From traditional dances and songs to the cuisine of the Mediterranean, the events showcase the diverse facets of Greek heritage. Folklore art, traditional costumes, and professional practices like seafaring and silversmithing add depth to the festivities. Visitors can also explore the diachronic use of plants for therapeutic purposes and popular folklore beliefs.

Modern visual art events, guided tours of archaeological sites, and free entry to state archaeological sites, museums, and monuments on September 23rd and 24th, offer diverse experiences for all. Greece's European Heritage Days 2023 invite you to uncover the living legacy that bridges the past with the present.

Italy: Embracing the Living Heritage - Patrimonio InVita, September 23rd and 24th, 2023 European Heritage Days Italy 2023

European Heritage Days Italy 2023


Italy, renowned for its artistic and historical treasures, joins the European Heritage Days with the theme "Patrimonio InVita" (Living Heritage), taking place on September 23rd and 24th, 2023. Since 1991, Italy has been an enthusiastic participant in this cultural celebration, highlighting the central role of cultural heritage.

Italian celebrations promise a diverse range of cultural offerings, from the most famous museums and sites to hidden treasures tucked away in charming corners of the nation. This year, Italy invites visitors to explore the vitality of living heritage, forging connections between past and present.

From the renowned museums and iconic sites to the hidden gems tucked away in the nation's corners, a multitude of places will swing open their doors, welcoming visitors day and night. Their collective mission is to exalt history and cultural identity, fortifying the bonds with their respective territories, traditions, and communities.

Italy's European Heritage Days beckon you to delve into a dynamic living narrative, showcasing the legacy that shapes the nation's identity.

Portugal: Embracing the Vitality of Living Heritage

European Heritage Days Portugal 2023

Portugal invites visitors to explore its living heritage from September 22nd to 24th, 2023, under the theme "Living Heritage - Património Vivo." The theme invites exploration of practices, places, and objects that form an integral part of Portugal's cultural tapestry. These elements have adapted and evolved over generations, continually reinvented by communities and groups.

Portugal's celebrations are a testament to the vitality of shared cultural heritage. They promise a diverse array of experiences, from exhibitions and workshops to guided tours and hands-on activities, all highlighting the enduring spirit of Portugal's heritage.

Join Portugal in celebrating "Living Heritage - Património Vivo" and be part of a dynamic living legacy that bridges the past with the present.

Luxembourg Unveils "Living Heritage": September 23rd to October 1st, 2023

European Heritage Days Luxembourg 2023

From September 23rd to October 1st, Luxembourg extends a warm invitation to immerse yourself in the dynamic tapestry of its living heritage. This year's European Heritage Days embrace the theme of "Living Heritage," spotlighting the intangible legacy encompassing the practices, knowledge, and skills of various communities and groups.

Luxembourg proudly curates an inventory of intangible heritage, meticulously gathered for identification and preservation, which can be explored on www.iki.lu. Among the cherished elements are the Iechternacher Sprangprozessioun, Klibbere goen, d’Konscht vum Dréchemauerbauen, Haus- a Flouernimm, and more.

On September 30th, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can join the "Dag vum Immaterielle Kulturierwen" (Day of Intangible Cultural Heritage) at the Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg-Grund. Here, you'll have the opportunity to delve deeper into the intricate intangible heritage, experiencing firsthand the living traditions that shape our cultural landscape.

Slovenia: Unearthing Treasures Across the Land

European Heritage Days Slovenia 2023

Slovenia invites visitors to explore its living heritage from September 23rd to October 7th, 2023. The celebrations commence in Beltinci, offering a rich program of events at the castle courtyard and park. This year's theme, "Rare and Precious Knowledge, Skills, and Professions," promises to unveil a treasure trove of cultural experiences.

Over 450 events will unfold across the country, showcasing the unique knowledge, skills, and professions that have shaped Slovenia's cultural landscape. From exhibitions to workshops, guided tours, and hands-on experiences, Slovenia's European Heritage Days provide a window into the nation's diverse and rich cultural heritage.

Join Slovenia in unearthing treasures that have been passed down through generations, celebrating "Rare and Precious Knowledge, Skills, and Professions" that continue to shape the nation's identity.